Silver Kilo Bars

Owning and storing silver kilogram bars is one of the best ways to build up your silver investment portfolio. At HT Bullion we consider the kilogram bar as the “standard” weight for the private investor. The medium weight of 1,000 grams or 32.2 troy ounces makes it easier to build a large position in pure silver bars. Shipping and transportation are inexpensive as the best deals available include shipping. Your new kilogram fine silver bars can be transported directly to your Precious Metals IRA Depository for storage.

By owning multiple kilogram silver bars, a large value of wealth can be stored with fewer purchases. They are also quite easy to sell as the demand is high among those particularly interested in retirement savings. At High Ticket Bullion, we market kilogram silver bars from top sellers and from the best mints in the world such as Johnson Matthey, Asahi, and Metalor.

Without a doubt, we will say that silver kilo bars offer some of the highest value as the premiums are lower than bullion coins or smaller bars. This makes kilo bars a more economical buy. This is the case even for the more famous hallmark bars.

On this page, you will find a fantastic selection of kilogram fine silver bars at the best prices on the internet. Perfect for IRAs, TSPs, and personal savings. Demand is skyrocketing so get yours today.

Silver Kilo Bar Top Rated Seller Deals