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North America is home to many highly collectible investment-grade silver coins. Most of the attention goes to the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf or the American Silver Eagle, but official Mexican Silver Libertad Coins should not be ignored. Mexico produces 1/5th of the global silver supply that is mined every year and the minting of silver coins is a practice in this nation that dates back to the 16th century. This gives collectors a unique silver coin to add to their silver bullion collection that still offers guaranteed quality and value.

The History of the Mexican Silver Libertad

Produced by the National Mint of Mexico in San Luis Potosi, coins including the Libertad have been struck there for more than four centuries. The initial Mexican coins that were created were actually based on numerous other currencies, including the US dollar, Japanese Yen, and even the Chinese Yuan. Everything from the peso to the Spanish dollar has been produced at this mint, which was originally located in Mexico City.

The obverse design of the coin is also a reflection of Mexican history. Two volcanoes, named Iztaccihuti and Popocatepetl, are prominently featured in the background, telling a love story between a warrior and a princess who were separated by death. A winged Victoria, which is the Roman goddess of victory, stretches out her hand as she stands on top of the Independence Victory Column, inviting others to join her in conquering death itself.

The reverse of the coin has a couple of design variations. There is the traditional golden eagle on a pear cactus that is holding a snake for older editions of the silver Mexican Libertad, while later versions offer 10 different coat of arms that have been used by Mexico throughout history. In the center of the reverse design for modern coins is the phrase “Estados Unidos Mexicanos,” or the “United States of Mexico.”

Silver Libertad Coins are Unique and Highly Collectible

Mexican Libertads are different from many other government silver bullion coins because they are one of the few highly collectible silver coins that offer fractional ounce values down to as small as 1/20 ounce sizes. The Mexican government guarantees all the Silver Libertad Coins it strikes and has been offering numerous Silver Libertad Coin sizes below 1 ounce since 1991, while the 1-ounce silver Libertad has been produced since 1982. This makes it suitable for collectors on virtually any budget. Since 1996, 2-ounce and 5-ounce Silver Libertad Coin sizes have also been added to the collection.

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