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The American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States. It was first released by the United States Mint on November 24, 1986. It is struck only in the one-troy ounce size, which has a nominal face value of one dollar and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.


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Like the gold coins, the Silver Eagle was an instant success. The Mint brilliantly revived the old Walking Liberty Half Dollar design, making it an exceptionally beautiful bullion coin. The American Silver Eagle series is popular among bullion buyers and collectors alike. There are many varieties of Silver Eagles including the regular uncirculated coin, the proof, burnished finish, and reverse proof. Silver Eagles have been minted at Philadelphia, West Point, and San Francisco Mints. These options make the series more dynamic and appealing to collectors. While Silver Eagles may be a more expensive way to purchase bullion, the coins may be well worth your consideration. Because of their popularity as a collectible, many of the earlier Silver Eagles have appreciated dramatically in value. When you purchase Silver Eagles, you buy the silver position with the potential for additional gains as a collectible.

The US Mint mints silver Eagle Coins and distributes them to silver bullion dealers who then sell to the investing public. Crafted with a minimum .999 fine silver purity (fineness), and only struck in a US government-guaranteed one troy ounce size (overseen by the US Secret Service). The Silver American Eagle Coin is legal tender in the United States with a legal tender face value of $1, however, they are always traded on their overall silver content and scarcity. The Silver Eagle Coin is considered one of the most beautiful silver coins produced by the US Mint or anywhere else in the world.

The Silver Eagle Design

The Silver Eagle’s iconic design is known throughout the world. Adolph Weinman created the Walking Liberty design obverse (face) of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar that saw first use in 1916. The text spells out the US mottos of “Liberty” and “In God We Trust” along with the year of issue. The Silver Eagle receives its name due to the reverse, as it includes a variation of the Great Seal of the United States; an eagle with wings spread and 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies. The texts “United States of America,” “1 oz Fine Silver ~ One Dollar”, and “E Pluribus Unum” are arranged around the eagle. This design has been in continuous use since 1986.


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Bullion Dollar Coins

Bullion silver dollar coins are also called “Brilliant Uncirculated,” and are the more common type of US Mint Silver Eagle Coins. These coins were initially intended to create a silver-rich market, driving the price of silver down during the mid-1980s. Since the year 2000, Silver Eagle production has again been on the rise. By 2010, there were more than 34 million American Eagle Coins on the market.

What HT Bullion Says About United States Silver Eagles

If you are looking to invest in the silver market, or for a gift to give to the aspiring coin collectors the Silver Eagle is a great option.  Not only as a personal investing option but also as a fantastic way to teach family and friends about the value of saving and investing in precious metals. The American Silver Eagle is one of the most recognized government minted coins in the world. The Silver American Eagle also holds its value over spot price as it is often sold with some of the highest premiums seen in the silver bullion coin market.

Even with increased production of American Silver Eagles, silver continues to be one of the most stable investments a person can have over time. For Instance, a 1 oz of silver today has the same purchasing power that it did 40 years ago; the fiat dollar has drastically dropped in value over the same period of time. Buying silver coins to transfer wealth to the next generation has a greater amount of certainty than saving dollars in a bank as inflation of fiat will never end. Silver bullion coins also are a great way to diversify your portfolio.  Silver is a globally recognized, valuable and useful asset that has uses for everything from money to medicine and high tech industries. And because silver is, ultimately, a highly scarce resource, there is no better time than now to invest in it.

How To Start Investing In Silver

If you are a beginner looking to invest in silver bullion coins, then buying American Silver Eagles is a great way to get started. Because they are highly popular and highly produced, they are easily purchased and sold around the world. The accessibility of American Silver Eagles makes them very attractive for the beginning investor.


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