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High Ticket Bullion lists offerings of the most highly recognized State Minted Silver Bullion Coins. American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, UK Silver Britannias and Queen's Beasts. In the links below you will find investable quantities with buyer assurance, guaranteed delivery, and authenticity are included.


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For thousands of years Silver has been held a primary medium of exchange and store of value. From the earliest times in recorded history through the  Roman Empire and the founding of the United States Of America silver has been considered money by the masses.

Even though gold is more highly valued, silver is king of the metals use cases. Modern human society simply can not survive without silver.  It’s use in everything from electronics to optics, medicine and beyond guarantees silver will be useful forever.  While the world is focused on gold, silver has become somewhat of a mispriced bet. Many investors and collectors are taking advantage of the opportunity to get silver at historically low prices relative to gold. Even with the recent meteoric rise in the price of silver the metal is still 50% below its highs relative to gold.

As with gold, silver is used as a hedge against inflation. Most precious metals investors stake out a heavy position in both metals to take advantage of gold's stability and silver's upside value growth potential.

Silver Coins As An Investment

State or Government minted silver is commonly produced as coins.  Coins are defined as being minted by a government and having legal tender value with high silver content.  Having a government guarantee of legal tender fosters more trust among investors for these 5 reasons: 

  1. Faking or misrepresenting the value or composition of a country's legal tender comes with serious consequences. Up until recently in the US counterfeiting was a hanging offense.  These harsh level punishments are serious deterrents to would-be counterfeiters and are a trust point for buyers and sellers.
  2. State run mints are expected to observe the highest of quality standards. Therefore, the quality of design, striking, and finish is often superior to other silver investment products from private mints. We should strictly qualify that by saying there are a number of bars and rounds minted by private companies that have far superior quality than some of the best government mints in the world.
  3. Highly liquid in nature. Due to the constant demand for government-minted coins, this particular silver investment vehicle is known to be much more liquid compared to bars and rounds. In fact, in times of crisis across the world, coins have proven to be easier to trade than other forms of silver.
  4. Considered more collectible than bars and rounds. State mints regularly launch series and coin sets that attract collectors from across the world. Some of these series have extremely low mintages, while featuring brilliant/historical imagery – making them much more collectible compared to rounds and bars.
  5. They have a face value guaranteed by a sovereign government. This is an important feature for some investors, even though the value of the silver in coins far exceeds the face value. The importance placed on face value stems from the fact that this investment can never become worthless in the true sense of the word, however improbable the scenario.

However there are some points that may be considered disadvantages. Silver having less value and lower density than gold, requires more volume to store the same amount of value. The most common weight of silver coins is 1 troy ounce. Therefore it is difficult to store high value in silver without consuming more space.  In that case larger silver bars are more attractive as they can be purchased in 100 or even 1,000 oz weights in a more compact and easily transportable form.


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Popular Silver Coin Series

HT Bullion promotes a fantastic range of the best and most popular silver coins in the world. From American silver Eagles to UK Silver Britannias and everything in between, you have access to fine selections and any level of quantity through our site.

American Silver Eagle Coins

This official American silver bullion coin series is perhaps one of the most popular and collectible coin series in the world. Struck by the United States Mint at its various facilities, these coins captured the hearts of investors and collectors the moment it hit the market on November 24th, 1986. Ever since, people around the world wait for its annual release with bated breath – year after year.

The obverses of these coins display the brilliance of Adolph A. Weinman, showcasing one of his finest designs, called the ‘Walking Liberty.’ Lady Liberty is depicted striding towards the rising sun in this image, with the American flag draped around her person.

On the other hand, the reverse sides bear John Mercanti’s rendition of the Heraldic Eagle with 13 five-pointed stars hovering above it. This design is borrowed from the National Seal of the United States – and cleverly modified to fit the theme of this silver coin.  

Even after over three decades, the excitement that an American Silver Eagle release brings is palpable – with both collectors and investors jostling for a piece of the action.

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

This coin series was launched in 1988, making it a year elder to the celebrated American Silver Eagles. Although the designs on every annual release under this coin program remain the same, the Royal Canadian Mint has added several security features over time.

All Canadian Maple Leaf Coins now feature radial lines and micro-engraved laser marks for additional security.

The coins’ reverses feature an incredible portrayal of a single maple leaf – rendered in such breathtaking detail that you can’t help but stop and look closely. The veins and texture on the leaf design are extremely realistic – making the design pop out.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II’s latest portrait is displayed on the obverses of these coins. This is one image that changes according to the portrait in use by the Royal Canadian Mint that year. The present portrait (as of 2017) was created by Susanna Blunt in 2003.

South African Silver Krugerrand Coins

Silver Krugerrand is a newer launch, as the year 2017 marks the release of the very first issue of this coin. Available in both proof and PU versions, these coins have a limited mintage. In fact, the premium uncirculated coins boast a mintage of 1,000,000 coins, driving up demand amongst collectors and investors.

Collaborating with Congo, Scottsdale Mint, a private mint based in America released silverback gorilla coins in 2015. With limited mintages of just 50,000, these silver bullion coins vaulted to popularity in the precious metals market almost instantly. Although the Arizona-based Scottsdale Mint does not have authority to strike American coinage, it is becoming a popular option among foreign countries that rely on outside help for their bullion coin requirements.

SD Bullion offers a large collection of premium silver coins from various African countries. We have an easy checkout process and accept a variety of payment methods. Moreover, all your purchases are shipped securely and discreetly, ensuring that both your privacy and your products remain intact.

British Silver Britannia

The image of the Britannia has a history which goes back as far as the Roman occupation of the British Isles. Her image held a status that was equal to that of other goddesses in Roman society, representing protection of the land. The modern image of the guardian dates back about 300 years when the formation of the United Kingdom was finalized. This is why the image on the Silver Britiannia contains a Corinthian helmet holding a shield bearing the Union Jack.

The 2016 coin also contains the first obverse update to the Britannia series since 1998, as an updated image of Queen Elizabeth II created by Jody Clark has been added to the coin.

Mexican Silver Libertad

The beautiful Mexican silver coin was first issued in 1982 from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Due to its huge popularity among collectors and investors around the world, the Mexican Mint decided to expand its size range and introduced several new sizes in 1991. This superb silver coin is a rendition of the Centenario, minted between 1921 and 1947.

The obverse of this coin depicts winged Victoria (as seen on the Mexican Independence Victory Column in Mexico City) against a background of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl. These two volcanoes are the basis of a mythological love story between the warrior Popocatépetl and the ancient princess Iztaccíhuatl.

The reverse side showcases the Mexican National Coat of Arms – a golden eagle perched on a cactus while holding a snake in its beak. On the standard 1 troy ounce coin, the image is surrounded by the 10 historical coat of arms. The coin’s spectacular design and attachment to history make it a treasured addition to any portfolio or collection.


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