Constitutional Silver Coins

US Constitutional Silver Morgan And Peace Dollars

The American Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are not only beautiful coins but a convenient and affordable way to add value to your precious metals portfolio and protect wealth. Minted from 1878 – 1935, the dollar class of US Constitutional 90% silver coinage is widely recognized for its intrinsic value as well as metal content.

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Each Silver Dollar Coin contains 0.7734 Troy Ounces of pure silver.

The United States Mint is well-recognized all over the world and has been producing coins for both the United States as well as other countries since shortly after the U.S. was founded. While the U.S. Mint got its start in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it began to expand quickly and therefore needed additional facilities in order to continue its operations. Coins produced by the mint carry what is known as a mintmark, a piece of identification on the coin that shows where the coin was minted.

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