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Both physical gold bullion and physical silver bullion offer a way to diversify your assets from the traditional fiat-based financial system. Precious metals are an alternative investment with real, intrinsic value. They are hard assets, finite, and can't be printed or replicated. There are limited supplies both above and below the ground. Gold bullion has stood the test of time and has been traded in various methods for thousands of years. HT Bullion offers are investment grade purity bars and coins.  Investment-grade gold is defined as having a purity of .995 or greater and/or being legal tender in a sovereign country. Thus the prices of gold bullion you will find here are mostly dependent on the gold spot price derived from the paper gold trading markets.  


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HT Bullion offers a range of gold coins, bars, and other forms to meet your investment needs. The most popular gold bullion products include American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, South African Gold Krugerrand, UK Gold Britannias, and other US Mint Gold. HT Bullion also offers gold bars in wide range of sizes from gram, fractional ounce, ounce gold bars, kilo gold bars and LBMA Good Delivery Bars. If wearing your investment savings is your thing then you go directly to Menē, the best place in the world to shop for pure gold investment jewelry.

Above are sectioned offerings of Gold Bullion Bars, State Minted Gold Bullion Coins, IRA approved precious metals direct from the dealer shipped to you to be stored outside of the banking system. Select small or large quantities from individual listings with secured payment and buyer's insurance. We are continuously adding new sections of products and information to better serve your needs.


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