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HT Bullion shops the best internet deals and presents them to you in one convenient place. One of our go-to places is eBay! Yes, we do buy the deals we advertise, eBay is easy to use, safe and offers protection on both sides of the transaction when buying from Top Rated Sellers.

On this page, you will find a list of Top rated bullion Dealers who have eBay stores. Many of them are famous names you know like APMEX and SD Bullion, but we also include some great local names that have proven to be highly reputable and reliable. All have thousands of satisfied customer feedback ratings. We handpick vendors based on their ability to serve the needs of individuals interested in preserving their wealth and purchasing power by holding physical gold and silver, as well as our team's own experience with them.

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apmex (440009)99.7% positive feedback

The most trusted name in precious metals in the United States, APMEX has been an eBay member since Feb 03, 2000


liberty.coin (260397)100% positive feedback

Since 1965, Liberty Coin has offered an ever-expanding line of precious metal bullion, collectible coins and US Mint products. Whether you are an investor seeking asset diversification through precious metals, an experienced collector searching for a key date coin, or simply trying to find a vintage Proof Set as a gift, Liberty Coin s extensive inventory is available to meet your needs.

twincitygoldmaine (50582)99.9% positive feedback

Twin City Gold was born out of a passion that began in 1970, originally known as The Biddeford Saco Coin Shop. Twin City Gold is one of the largest dealers of pre-owned estate jewelry, coins, antiques, and collectibles in New England.

mcm (655047)99.8% positive feedback

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is an established worldwide discount seller of modern coins and precious metals. We offer the very best products w/ 5-star service!

coinexchange267 (43823)99.9% positive feedback

Based in United States, coinexchange267 has been an eBay member since Jan 08, 2004

trentwood (10799)99.4% positive feedback

Silver City one of the largest coin dealers in the country. They offer any type of Bullion items you may need as well as many rare and collectible coins. Silver Bars, Gold Bars, Silver Dollars, you name it they have it. Including 1,000-ounce silver bars!

d.b.s.coins (73823)100% positive feedback

DBS Coins is a family-operated coin and bullion business with over 50+ years of experience in precious metals.

bullion.exchanges (183387)99.8% positive feedback

Based in United States, Bullion Exchanges has been an eBay member since Jan 28, 2013