Exploiting This Tax Law Could Save Your IRA Or 401K


How Exploiting This IRS Tax Law Can Pay You To Protect Your Retirement

Do you have more than $50,000 saved for retirement that you can't afford to lose? Can your retirement accounts stand up to higher taxes, a volatile economy, and high inflation?

How about the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression or another massive stock market correction?

What do you think would happen to your retirement savings once Congress raises taxes by $3.3 trillion?

If you have more than $50,000 saved for retirement that you can't afford to lose, then you need to take advantage of this simple, legal & tax-free 2021 law. Many Americans do not know about the opportunity this tax law unlocks.

You NEED to take notice of these warnings, learn about these NEW LAWS and follow through on the PROVEN STRATEGIES in this FREE GUIDE.

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GoldCo is highly focused on the diversification of your retirement assets based on your individual needs. Some of the top reasons to diversify your portfolio is the consequences of government debt and inflation. Gold and silver have continuously retained value through all economic climates and represent reliable insurance against severe downturns.

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GoldCo Precious Metals IRA Facts

  • Fees: $50 set up fee to open a Self Directed Precious Metals IRA; $80 annual maintenance fee, $100 storage fee (for non segregated storage), $30 wire fee; Total startup is $260; $180 annual maintenance; (segregated storage is $150 annually; adjust startup and annual fees up by $50)
  • Minimum Investment: Min. investment amount $20k – $25k for IRA; for non-IRA $3,500
  • Promotion: 5% back on metals over $50k

Precious metals storage options: DDSC is preferred — $100 for non-segregated (recommended); Brinks Salt Lake City — $100 for non-segregated ; IDS Texas — $150, offers segregated only.

Step-by-step process from the initial contact to finalizing the rollover. Customer speaks to a rep; once they decide to move forward, they will either be transferred to an IRA Specialist or set an appointment with an IRA Specialist, who will gather the info to complete the application to establish the account and transfer the funds;once funds are received into the new account, the customer will speak with their Account Executive to choose the metals to be purchased and held in the IRA; the metals will be placed directly into the account at the customer's chosen depository for storage within a few days if the metals are in our existing inventory, or 3-4 weeks if they need to be ordered.

All of the current services that Goldco provides – Goldco provides precious metals for both IRA and non-IRA transactions; Goldco provides free storage for non-IRA transactions if the customer prefers not to have them delivered to their home. There is also have a sister company that offers the opportunity to place cryptocurrency in IRAs which is a completely different fee schedule.

Current custodian that Goldco uses – Equity Trust Company for Precious Metals Accounts.

What vaults the metals are held in; vaults are at the Depositories named above; these are the top storage providers in the industry; vaults and security are state of the art.

Is there a buyback program? If so, what is the criteria? Goldco asks the customer to give us the first opportunity to buy back their metals when they want to liquidate, as they will likely receive a higher price from us than just a random coin deal or broker who typically tries to make a lowball offer; customers are not required to sell them back to us; they are free to do as they wish.

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The IRA Crisis

There’s a major crisis brewing and it’s getting worse every day – yet nobody seems aware of it.

If you’re part of the “baby boomer” generation, it’s something you really need to know about – because this crisis could cause your retirement savings to quite literally crumble to dust.

Even if you think you’ve got your retirement covered you’re going to be horrified that not only are you wrong, but dead wrong. Everything you’ve carefully planned for and the hard-earned money you’ve put away is at risk.

But it’s not too late and there are simple steps you can take to not only inoculate your account from this financial virus, but to grow your retirement nest egg into an investment powerhouse.

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Why Precious Metals?

why invest in precious metals

We could tell you about how gold has been used as a store of value across thousands of years, protecting generational wealth in times of conflict, wars and during all major financial crises.

We could give facts and figures about how gold has gained an annual average of 9% every year since 1974, how the market is buoyant and currently undervalued.

We could even display graphs like this, showing how gold has outperformed all other major asset classes since the turn of the century, with a return over 300% better than that achieved by the average investor:

gold as an investment versus other assets

Indeed we could do all of that and let gold sell itself as the incredible market hedge and portfolio diversification tool that it is – but there’s something else gold can do that’s far more important than any long-term capital growth, profit or financial gain…

In a word – Retirement.

the ira crisis report

As you’ll read inside The IRA Crisis, if you’re an American or own any assets priced in US dollars, then you’re staring down the barrel of what may be the biggest financial crisis America has ever faced.

We’re not alone in our assessment. Some of the best-known names in financial analysis are horrified at what they have seen brewing in our retirement system, growing like a malignant tumor and feeding off the careful plans, hopes and dreams of ordinary Americans like me and you.

The trigger could come a year from now, six months, next week – or even tomorrow; and when this crisis does erupt don’t go looking for a bail out from the federal government – because this time they’re the ones holding the gun.

This is why we’re trying to warn as many American families as possible because ALL of this is preventable – and one of the key components in the cure is gold and it’s sibling silver.

gold and silver performance during 2007-2011 crisis

While the 2007-2008 financial crisis saw retirement accounts drop over 50% practically overnight when paper assets like stocks and bonds tanked, gold enjoyed a 166% gain from it’s 2008 low to 2011 high, helping protect and stabilize smart investor’s IRA accounts.

Silver added a 448% profit to investor pockets from market low to high over the same period.

Whether the IRA Crisis is triggered within a year as we predict – or not – our financial markets are still broadly cyclical. Over the past 50 years we’ve seen a crash or recession on average every 10 years, like clockwork.

We felt overdue for the next crash back in 2018 and as each day passes and global instability increases with new threats like the Coronavirus threatening to push us into a deep recession, Gold’s use as a market hedge becomes all the more important.

Gold simply protects. The fact that you can buy Gold inside an IRA at a massive tax advantage is just the icing on the cake.Download A Free Investor Kit From GoldCo!