Gold & Silver: Inflation, Deflation Or Crisis?

Another HT Bullion Video Favorite

The Gold-Silver Show is one of the most informed sources of information you can follow. Mike Maloney is a consummate professional when it comes to how to protect your wealth using gold and silver.

In this video Mike and the gangn explain the recent pullback in gold and silver prices, price discovery and the likely ongoing manipulation of certain markets. Once of the points is the divergency of the physical and paper markets and how in the near future that will cause massive price changes.

The golbal econonmy is obviously in severe crisis and it's hard to figure out which direction things are going. The growth in the stock markets and certain company's earnings is highly confusing. Pay attention to these guys to get some useful insight into a strategy that can work for you.

Watch this video, then watch it again to get the most of the information and learning. You will be better equipeed to handle the changes in the market on your personal journey of protecting and growing your wealth!