Physical Silver And Gold Demand Has Never Been Higher!

An HT Bullion Video Favorite

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Silver and Gold Mania is here! In this video, one of our favorite Silver and Gold Stacker/Preppers, Yankee Stacking, tells you about the status of his silver price pullback prediction. He also discusses silver eagles, and features a member of his community who not only purchased a monster box of American Silver Eagles but also a nice size stack of gold coins!.

later Yankee talks about inflation, hyperinflation, our economic trouble, recession, the economic crisis, the economy, the stock market, stacking precious metals, American silver eagles, a possible economic collapse, and what he would do to prepare for an SHTF situation with silver and gold.

At HT Bullion we advocate stacking silver and gold to hedge against our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based economy that is obviously in deep trouble.

Consider stacking silver and gold yourself to help you build and preserve wealth purchasing power and your retirement savings. And stay tuned for more HT Bullion video favorites!